Working in a Foreign Language

When navigating in a foreign language you are always performing somehow. Speaking German daily in my job now, I am constantly listening to myself and constantly noticing grammatical errors and the paucity of my vocabulary. Within a normal conversation, I am always deciding whether to correct my grammar as I speak; this may demonstrate I understand... Continue Reading →


Novelty can be exciting. It makes us open our eyes to what is right in front of us (since we don’t always notice). We are re-energized by trying new foods, meeting new people, learning about a new subject, and going new places, yet, novelty can also be stressful. Even positive changes have been shown to... Continue Reading →

Rainy Days

Grey skies and rainy days were things I did not recognize as a potential flaw about Munich before moving. As a previous resident of Boston, I think of myself as tough and invincible to all weather patterns. Yet unfortunately, I am not invincible. In addition to the early darkness, the rain on top of icy... Continue Reading →


Play What is so limiting and dis-empowering about stereotypes? They fence us in and don’t allow us to be our authentic and unique person. Play is the exact opposite. Play is the expansion of ideas and behaviors outside of where we have been before. As I was reading about play therapy this week, I came... Continue Reading →

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