It’s all a matter of perception. I finally have the time on my hands to catch up on my blog!  I am writing this in my 32nd week of pregnancy from strict hospital bedrest in order to prevent premature labor.  For those of you who know me, it is a big challenge for me sit so... Continue Reading →

Building a Mindfulness Practice

When working with coaching client to build her own mindfulness practice, she asked me if I, myself, meditated.  I hung my head as I had to say, "no."  I had experimented with it on and off, managed a daily practice for a month or two, but never developed the long-term habit.  I was struck by the contradiction between my belief in... Continue Reading →

The Rulebook

In the coaching certification process, we try out all the tools and techniques on ourselves and other coaches, before using them with clients. One tool we experimented with is called “The Rulebook.” Inside this small booklet are twenty blank pages each entitled with “Rule” at the top of the page. The idea is that we... Continue Reading →

First Return

What a welcoming warm feeling I have when the stranger behind the immigration counter looks at my dark blue passport and says, “Welcome back!” I felt like he really was welcoming me back home. I felt an immediate sense of belonging and started walking upright with more confidence in my stride.  I felt genuinely welcomed also by... Continue Reading →


Novelty can be exciting. It makes us open our eyes to what is right in front of us (since we don’t always notice). We are re-energized by trying new foods, meeting new people, learning about a new subject, and going new places, yet, novelty can also be stressful. Even positive changes have been shown to... Continue Reading →


It’s amazing how we can adjust to a new cultural environment when we are motivated. Since moving to Germany I have transformed from a chronic J-walker (voted most likely to get in an accident) into a light-abiding citizen with weeks. As a person who suffers from “hanger” and attachment to an early bedtime, I have... Continue Reading →

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