Be Wary of Judgements

Be wary of judgements. They help our brains to organize information, file new experiences nearly away into old ones, and make sense of the world.  They can also simply a world that is too complex and multicolored to be orderly and predictable.  They dismiss the uniqueness of people, places and experiences because it is easier... Continue Reading →


What is perfect anyway? People throw this word around constantly, talking about the perfect day or perfect shoes, in a way that many people feel takes the meaning out of the word. Yet even used whimsically, it indicates when something feels just right in that moment. It may not seem perfect to anyone else, but... Continue Reading →

Working in a Foreign Language

When navigating in a foreign language you are always performing somehow. Speaking German daily in my job now, I am constantly listening to myself and constantly noticing grammatical errors and the paucity of my vocabulary. Within a normal conversation, I am always deciding whether to correct my grammar as I speak; this may demonstrate I understand... Continue Reading →

Keeping Perspective

It is a strange feeling to hear a stranger make comments about you that are so confidently expressed, yet also so completely unrecognizable to you. We all have so many ideas about how the world is, and sometimes we don’t realize who we are talking to. Here, Germans become very interested and look quite excited often... Continue Reading →


I am sitting in one of those backroom bank offices with two male bankers in their late 30s.  I’m feeling really positive about getting all my questions answered and also grateful for their fluency in English! These bankers seem very generous with their time and generally quite pleasant. We speak of my German classes and... Continue Reading →

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