Expat Living & Coaching.

Transition periods, however difficult, create space for an opportunity to take a “time-out” to reflect on your values and priorities and adjust where you want to focus your time and energy.  We constantly undergo these transitional periods: new relationships, employment situations, relocations, or retirement.  As an expat myself, I can say that many expats undergo many of these changes all at once!  This blog I hope will give you a sense of my own experience as an expat and how my own coach, as well as self-coaching, has helped me stay grounded.

Moving to a new country is a major life transition that causes many of us to lose sight of the important reasons behind our choice to move.  While struggling to communicate in a new language we may forget the purpose for learning this new culture and the opportunities we once saw.  Coaching during stressful transitions can help ground you during the upheaval and reconnect you with your genuine self.  My own coach has certainly done this for me!  My aim as a coach is to create a shift in attitude and energy as we build a sense of intention, consciousness, and choice.  

I hope you enjoy my blog about my experiences as an expat and a coach.  Please leave comments, questions, or inspirations!


Jennelle Liljestrand, iPEC Certified Professional Coach


Please see my website for further information about coaching.

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  1. Please put me on your email list.

    Being coached by you has been life changing and I am loving the process of clarifying my values, and finding calm in chaos. I have also been grateful navigating multiple transitions, challenges and crises with you in a way that created opportunities and growth for both me and my family.

    Thank you for being my coach!

    Warmly, Michelle Harwick

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