Do Something That Scares the #@%&! Out of You.

We all like to sit on the couch and watch TV after a long day. It’s easy and we also deserve a break from life! But wait, a break from what exactly? We are living every minute, and every minute we should be choosing what we want in our life. And of course sometimes we do choose the enjoyment of TV. Sometimes you’ll also want to choose meaning and vitality.

Just for a moment, think about the things in your life that are most important to you today. Could be your job, your kids, you partner, your hobbies or a sport. These elements of your life are often taken for granted as they have become routine and enjoyable.

Now rewind and think about how you got these things in the first place. Think about the first moment when you put on those big weird shoes and went out for basketball tryouts, with the coach yelling behind your lanky awkward 13-year-old self, all the while. Think about that job interview, the first time you told someone you loved him or her. The time you went on a blind date/friend-date. Think of the first time you left the country, maybe even alone. Your first race. Your licensing exam. Medical Boards. Your first move far away from friends and family.

We often forget how terrifying these moments were, what courage we had. Look at what that courage sparked. A new career, a relationship, a running hobby, competing, leading a group or organization, bringing a group of friends together, and the list goes on. I forget now how scary it was to move to Germany, but I am so grateful for the opportunities it opened up for me. I will never forget my first interview in German; that is exactly where my sense of great accomplishment and pride comes from, still today. My first race was terrifying, and now it is a hobby that brings so much joy and energy. I am terrified for my first Triathlon, and I know that this will be one of the most meaningful memories and accomplishments of my life.

I mean it! Try something small at first.  Just something that makes you blush and feels a bit risky. Could be as small as giving a compliment to someone intimidating, or telling them how you really feel (positive or negative!). Trying a new recipe, making a phone call, taking that class that everyone told you would be useless.  Take a risk with an idea you’ve been dreaming of that everyone else tells you is crazy.


Today is your day

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