It’s amazing how we can adjust to a new cultural environment when we are motivated. Since moving to Germany I have transformed from a chronic J-walker (voted most likely to get in an accident) into a light-abiding citizen with weeks. As a person who suffers from “hanger” and attachment to an early bedtime, I have... Continue Reading →

Keeping Perspective

It is a strange feeling to hear a stranger make comments about you that are so confidently expressed, yet also so completely unrecognizable to you. We all have so many ideas about how the world is, and sometimes we don’t realize who we are talking to. Here, Germans become very interested and look quite excited often... Continue Reading →

Looking for Something Else?

As a recently transplanted Expat, you don’t yet have a familiar routine. You don’t yet have a favorite café where you’re a familiar face. You don’t know the quickest way to get to town. And you don’t know where to look for work or for pre-packaged friends. In one moment it can feel like the... Continue Reading →


Play What is so limiting and dis-empowering about stereotypes? They fence us in and don’t allow us to be our authentic and unique person. Play is the exact opposite. Play is the expansion of ideas and behaviors outside of where we have been before. As I was reading about play therapy this week, I came... Continue Reading →

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